Why Choose SMSB?

Why is SMSB the premiere choice for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who are seeking to source their planogram, imaging, software, category management and consulting solutions?

At SMSB we take the long view. It is essential that you know the company you rely on will be there not only today, but also tomorrow when you need them. Valued relationships, superior work product and customer satisfaction, not short-term profit are our guiding principles. SMSB has successfully and consistently been providing the highest quality service to our customers for over 30 years. This hard earned reputation, proven experience, and consistent long-term success as leading innovators in the industry make SMSB Consulting the company that you can count on to be there when you need us. 

In our rapidly changing industry, many firms are owned and run by either venture capital firms or larger corporate entities. As such, high profitability at all cost, for the VC or corporation is the primary goal, while corporate management is constantly in flux. 

SMSB is a privately-owned company managed by its founding partners for over 30 years. SMSB’s active owner’s primary goals are client satisfaction and offering the industry affordable solutions in the areas of space and category management. This commitment runs through the entire company. We understand that there is strength in consistency and value to reliability. Both build invaluable experience and expertise. Many of SMSB’s Key management personnel have been with the company for over 20 years.

SMSB is dedicated to providing incomparable client service combined with unparalleled expertise.

Eighty five percent of SMSB staff has 10 years or more experience within the CPG industry, specifically in the area of merchandising and category management allowing SMSB to provide a team of highly skilled professionals that bring decades of experience and knowledge to every client we serve.


SMSB Maybelline Product Wall

We believe that you can’t be all things to all people without sacrificing quality. ​We take a focused approach, a sharpshooter’s expertise rather than buckshot mediocrity. SMSB is in the business of Merchandise Management that involves planogram development, product image services, category management and specific software development, and that’s it. This allows us to work as your partner and advisor, using our experience to assist with workloads and timelines your existing resources may not be able to address. This also allows us, in many cases, to save companies money compared to investing in internal resources and software to address project needs.

SMSB has been at the forefront of industry innovation since our inception; offering our client state of the art and highly customized solutions. We know that one size does not fit all. SMSB specializes in helping our clients become more productive by crafting product image services and planogram development programs that are tailored to fit their specific needs and timelines.

We use revolutionary image capture techniques.

We live in the cutting edge – SMSB is constantly investigating and reinvesting in new equipment and technology to save our clients money and shorten timelines while offering the highest quality pertaining to image delivery, attributes and production. Today you can’t just be on top of technology, you have to be at the forefront of it. SMSB understands that the right software can engender better results with an easier interface for our customers. SMSB launched its software division to meet the need for responsive services in the areas of planogram development and image delivery. Our AIRSconnectx and OmniPIX programs provide online interface and solutions for existing and new clients across retail, wholesale, merchandiser and e-commerce platforms.

Product Image Photography Setup

We are trusted by more than 200 clients

In a competitive world, the details distinguish us from everyone else

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