How shelfStrips will Help Save You Money

shelfStrips merge pricing information with planogram data to show the exact placement of every product on your shelves. Suddenly stocking and pricing turn into one single efficient step.

Cut shelf set time by as much as 60%- yet your shelves will be better organized, easier to maintain, and more appealing than ever.

How shelfStrips will Help Generate

shelfStrips are a valuable time-and-cost saving tool, they also are a powerful marketing tool.

Capture the attention and the loyalty of your customers by using bold, full-color imagery and messaging to create an instant planogram and marketing tool on your shelf.

shelfStrips + ISMAds: Perfect Partners

Add ISMAds® to shelfStrips to transform your shelf edge into one of the most effective selling tools in your store.

Showcase brands on the shelf to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

Engage shoppers with promotional, educational and cross-sell messages for additional sales and increased basket size.

shelfStrips: Technical innovation to maximize the basket size, minimize the costs.

We do what works best for you

The nation’s major national retailers choose us because we custom-tailor solutions for them alone. We manage complex data streams to transform every shelf into a customized cost-saving marketing solution that will fit your shelves, suit the way you work, and support your marketing goals.

We leverage your data to help you:

  • improve planogram compliance by providing clear product placement guidelines
  • reduce shelf set time by as much as 60%
  • free yourself from time-consuming, cumbersome label printing and placement
  • streamline the process of planning, ordering and installing store campaigns
  • free up retail store staff to focus on high-value activities
  • maximize mar-comm opportunities at the critical point of decision.

We are trusted by more than 200 clients

In a competitive world, the details distinguish us from everyone else

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