Output and Delivery

To facilitate the image delivery process, SMSB Consulting Group has created industry-leading output systems that perform with ease. They give subscribers convenient access to their digital product content, which includes both images and data. Digital assets can be retrieved for a variety of applications, including planogram development, Virtual Reality programs, market research, eCommerce applications, and more. Automatic Image Retrieval System [AIRSconnectx] offers seamless access to the images and product attributes you need to enhance your customers’ experience. With a fully customizable image retrieval system and intuitive user interface, you can retrieve product images and data automatically by schedule or on-demand. Digital assets can be retrieved for any range of program implementation in marketing, merchandising, packaging, signage, interactive displays, and website animations. OmniPIX™ is an intuitive cloud-based Digital Asset Manager (DAM). It is a central repository for storing, managing, and accessing digital assets and the descriptive data (metadata) associated with them.

OmniPIX™ affords the user easy access to their Product Image Library. This library includes product marketing images and a planogram image database containing product images and the product attribute data linked to them. OmniPIX™ ensures that you always have access to the most up-to-date product data without having to hunt for this information across various networks, drives, emails, etc.

Industry Leading Digital Asset Management

For multi-channel retailers who look for more than just access and updates, SMSB Consulting Group can offer clients an eCommerce Digtal Asset and Product Information Manager solution.  OmniChannel touchpoints provide several opportunities to connect your digital product content to the consumer. SMSB Consulting Group supplies the consistent and captivating digital assets required to keep shoppers fully-engaged, enrich the consumer’s experience, increase sales, and to cultivate a sense of satisfaction.

The most powerful tool to manage
Your Digital Assets

OmniPIX is offered in two distinct versions.

  • OmniPIX Lite
  • Popular
    OmniPIX Pro
OmniPIX Lite
OmniPIX Pro
OmniPIX Lite affords users the ability to retrieve client subscribed Image Data from a centralized library.
OmniPIX Pro affords users the ability to interact with OmniPIX Pro, uploading and managing a library of assorted digital content in one easy to access location.
Access To Asset Catalog
Auotomatic Catalog Updates
Asset Searching and Filtering
Asset Quick Exporting
Compile, convert, and extract files & data for downloading and sharing.
Folder Subscriptions
Subscribe to folders to receive notifications of new & updated assets.
Download Center
Hub for downloading and sharing assets
Users will be notified of actions like import and export requests in OmniPIX and by email.
Asset Categorization Management
Assets can be setup, organized, and categorized according to the user's preference.
Asset Approval Process
Files can be held for release until reviewed & approved.
Create, Update, and Upload Assets
File Sequencing
Setup the sequence, and rearrange files
File Uploads
Allows users to upload files from their computer for quick sharing.
User Management
Create users, invite users, and manage user permissions.
Form Designer
Create and manage data fields and organize their appearance.
Data Editing and Changelog
Edit all asset data and log the changes.
Account Usage Metrics
Records and presents site data usage and activity.
Custom Announcements
Create custom announcements & notifications that can be sent to users.
Account Branding Management
Customize the logos, colors, and text of your site.
Scheduled Imports and Exports
Schedule automatic imports and exports of assets to be downloaded, shared, or sent to ftp locations that can run at almost any frequency and time interval.
Customizable Export Templates
Customize how data and files are received when exported for use in different applications and platforms.
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