Product Photography

eCommerce Image Photography. From seven levels of available views and increasingly-complex styles, you will find a comprehensive package that works for you. SMSB Consulting Group has equipped global retailers with solutions for the capture, editing, and management of digital assets before and since the evolution of digital technology. We build setups based on the level of detail you have chosen for our interactions with your products.

Photographing items to create an attractive product image is the primary focus in furnishing eCommerce sites and brick-and-mortar with engaging digital product content. We see the value of your products and the need to capture them clearly, accurately, and beautifully. In this way, consumers are satisfied with the merchandise they receive when shopping online because the image they see accurately portrays the product they receive, thereby reducing returns for the online merchant. Choosing the capture level required for a product improves the details and efficiency of the process.

Our state-of-the-art studio allows us to fulfill any level of complexity. There are several opportunities for implementation of your Digital Product Content across the OmniChannel. Products are photographed for any of these touchpoints to engage shoppers and convey your brand story to consumers. We have advanced equipment that allows us to produce premium digital assets.

eCommerce Image Style Galleries

Multiple Views for eCommerce

Basic product image shots resulting in high-quality edits of multiple views for display on e-commerce and mobile vending sites.

In Scale

Presents products that are relative to the size of a human in order to provide consumers with a general idea of its proportions.


Products are removed from the box to give consumers a closer look that is dynamic and better understood outside its packaging.


Products are assembled to capture images depicting a display or conveying details not clearly defined by just looking at the box.


Images where the product is captured within the appropriate context developing and reinforcing the item’s identity.


Varying image quantities in multiple views to create textured 3D objects for interactive and non-interactive animation, A/R, and V/R.


Out-of-the-ordinary views involving movement or advanced imaging techniques.

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