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SMSB has been providing planogram services for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers for over 34 years. Over this period, planogram output has evolved from the delivery of a basic picture representing a shelf-set, to an efficiently optimized, three-dimensional representation of a shelf-set each adhering to a variety of compliance requirements necessitated by each retailer’s internal software and hardware needs.

As the level and requirements of planogram production have advanced, many have come to appreciate the added level of sophistication an SMSB planogram can provide. Our planogram analysts are unmatched in their ability to provide novel and strategic solutions. They planogram cross-industry and are therefore in a position to apply planogram concepts that corporate single-industry planogrammer’s are not readily familiar with. 

We take full advantage of the automation available in today’s planogram systems and when applicable, apply programmatic solutions to further expedite certain components of the process.

Planogram Example

Reduce Cost, Improve Return

The planogram is more then just a pretty picture. It’s where merchandising art and science meet to generate positive return.


Planogram services to address every need. We’ll do your planograms so you don’t have to.


As one of the pioneers in our industry, we have over 34 years of planogram and imaging experience.


We incorporate industry leading technology into proven planogram techniques to provide an unrivaled customer experience.

Our planogram advisors have the experience to build and maintain planograms with minimal client input if chosen, or as some prefer, our advisors will take your direction in designing your shelf-set. Either way the result is a fully optimized planogram that improves profitability and product mix. An SMSB planogram will identify which products sell in light of the market and competitively set optimal price points and promotions, and the appropriate shelving configuration and space allotment.

VR Planogram Shelf Setup

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