GS1 Compliance

Global Standard 1 (GS1) is a non-profit organization that was conceived to minimize this inherent confusion by developing a global standard for product attributes and product imagery.

A New Standard

For years everyone involved in the production, shipping distribution, and sale of a product identified that product by their proprietary schema making it difficult, if not impossible, for anyone involved in the process to accurately communicate information about a product that would be comprehensible by the recipient.  Because there existed multiple versions of the same product data, miscommunication was high and confusion among consumers was inevitable. Manufacturers, shippers, distributors, and retailers are able to communicate and share product information seamlessly.

We Can Help

SMSB has been certified by GS1 to align your product attribute information and imagery to the ever-evolving GS1 global standards.  SMSB affords clients up to date guidance and expertise in the complex world of global standardization and creates communication links to any of your partners adhering to the GS1 standards.  Our certified professionals are fluent in all industry standards and excel at creating and managing your data to satisfy the requirements of any of your partners subscribing to these standards.

Maximize Your Investment

As online eCommerce sales continue to grow, consistent digital assets that align from manufacture to sale are vital to improving the performance of online sales. Accurate product imagery that presents the full scope of your product and concise product attribute data are the lifeblood of eCommerce. Online sales studies have proven informed consumers purchase more quickly and return less maximizing your investment.

SMSB can help you navigate through what may seem like an undaunting task of understanding and communicating GS1 standardized information.  Please contact us to see how we may compliment your communication with your partners.   

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