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A customers’ experience begins with a 360° outlook on the product image and metadata of your Digital Product Content. Agile and efficient software platforms facilitate their capture, delivery, and management. SMSB Consulting Group delivers an efficient and affordable Product Content Management system for managing a growing digital asset catalog.

Our approach also focuses on cost-saving, integrative Planogram Development Solutions. In today’s environment, clients must balance an exhaustive landscape of product content (digital assets) that engage shoppers and consumers at many retail touchpoints. Rendering customized dashboards that pinpoint areas of interest on a national level, at the touch of a button, addresses the final piece of the puzzle. Our category analytics portray the translation of the shoppers’ behavior into actionable insight.

Create A Seamless Shopper Experience.

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Smart Imaging

Dynamic capture from standard to 360° photography, 3D modeling, animation output, and mobile ready hero shots.

Product Manager - OmniPIX

GS1-compliant and complete PCM comprising easily-workable, complex digital asset and product information management systems to assist in handling exhaustive and ever-expanding catalogs / libraries of product content.

Modern Planograms

Eliminating out-of-stocks, providing validation systems for planogram compliance, and reducing costs for re-stocking and implementing new line-ups for marketing concepts on the floor.

Extensive Analyses

Providing retailers, manufacturers, and all commerce vendors with user-friendly, customized dashboards and practicable, merchandising strategies for connecting the shopper across borderless retail and increasing revenue.


Data integration + innovation with shelfStrips® for saving costs in labor/operation (i.e. reducing shelf-time setup), managing implementation of price changes and weekly updates, and housing planograms, store map, promotional information, and loyalty programs

GS1 Compliance

We afford clients up to date guidance and expertise in the complex world of global standardization and creates communication links to any of your partners adhering to the GS1 standards.

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