Sterling Ross-Harrington

Sterling Ross-Harrington

Planogram Solutions: Increase Revenue & Save Time

The saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”, should be applied to organizing your sock drawer, not planogramming your business. 

Maintain POGs to Sustain Growth

Within the retail industry, store space optimization leads to increased sales and ultimately sustainable growth.  If you are to sustain your growth, then you also must maintain where that growth first came from… your planograms.  A planogram (POG) is more than just a visual representation of how your brand should look in store.  It also houses essential information regarding products and fixtures, as well as acting as a vital steppingstone for sales and inventory management.  

Hiring a company to maintain and manage your planograms will leave you with more time and money to devote to integral aspects of your business such as advertising, networking, and product development (just to name a few). 

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6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Planograms

Clean & Concise Organization

A single planogram can encompass thousands of moving parts between individual products to planogram images to the type of shelving and fixtures used, and for many companies it is a daunting task to categorize and keep track of all these important details. When outsourcing to a reputable company, they can create product and fixture libraries to ensure that your brands unique information is protected and organized for years to come. 

Data Archiving

Keeping track of your planograms from season to season stacks up to quite a bit of data over the years. Outsourcing can not only keep files organized  and off your desk, but space planning companies can then deliver automated reports to track what has worked and not worked for your brand over time.

Inventory Management

A planogram support company can generate a Days of Supply Summary Analysis, which basically tells you whether a product is flying off the shelves or sitting there for months. By utilizing this feature, a brand is better able to keep up with replenishment orders, so you never have out of stocks on the shelves.

Easy Output

Who wants to spend their time running hundreds of PDFs or flipping back and forth for hours over excel sheets? You have so many other things on your plate, so let a professional planogrammer handle the multitudes of reports and output styles that can come from planogram optimization…

  • Space to Sales Reports
  • Days of Supply Summary Analysis
  • Product Add Delete Reports
  • Product Distribution Reports
  • Planogram Comparison Reports
  • Planogram Costs to Sales Comparison
  • Planogram Image Management & Mapping
Improve and Maintain Positive Retailer Relationships

Often retailers are looking for specific schematics, reports, and space planning files tailored to the wants and needs of their stores. The problem is many vendors and companies either don’t have the background knowledge or the software to deliver.  A planogram support company not only has the software to create exactly what a retailer may be looking for, but they also have the knowledge to foresee and manage any issues as well as create innovative solutions. 

Cost Effective

By outsourcing planogram needs, a company does not have to hire and maintain an entire in-house department of its own or keep up to date with the latest planogram software. A reputable planogram partnership will ensure you can focus on the future of your business and your brands, while they manage the details and put in the work towards planogram validations and store space optimization.  

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Just like any business, planograms are constantly evolving with the trends and market drivers of today’s world. The best way to look towards the future is to ensure your company has the time to do so.  Hiring a professional planogrammer can not only save money in the long run, but it can give you back time and energy to devote towards growing and sustaining your business. In turn enabling you to provide the best in class service to your own clients… and an experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable planogram support company knows what best in class truly means.

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