AI-Image Recognition and BIG DATA

Give me more… BIG DATA is a Buzzword that continues to be thrown around within the Category Management community.  How do we capture it?  How do we mine it?  What insights can I get from it?  Good questions. The light bulb around these questions hit me about 8 years ago.  My Category Manager comes into […]

Pic to POG: Next Level AI-Image Recognition

The Ditch Digger I remember getting named to my first Category Captaincy at Walmart.  What a day.  A long-time goal of our executive team to get closer to Walmart. We built our case over the years, bringing them incredibly detailed category insights and trends.  Our team made additional investments in Walmart specific shopper research to […]

Closing Data Gaps with AI-Image Recognition

What I Wish I Had Closing Data Gaps with AI- Image Recognition So, you think you can work for a start-up? It’s the dream of many “corporate entrepreneurs” from top tier companies to reap the perceived benefits of a startup.  The images of the early Silicon Valley startups working in their flat bill hats, board […]


SEE “Discern or deduce mentally after reflection or from information; understand” Of the 6 senses we possess (I count intuition as a sense- more on that later), “SEE” is by far the most important.  Our ancestors evolved not by smelling their predators, but by seeing them.  Sure, they might have “heard” a predator lurking in […]

SMSB COVID-19 Update

SMSB COVID-19 Update SMSB Operational Procedures and Plans for COVID-19 Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, SMSB has taken actions to ensure a continued and uninterrupted operation for our clients. We have adapted our procedures to maintain all systems and processes during this event. All changes have been designed to support the continued health […]

SMSB Coronavirus Protocols and Planning

To All SMSB Employees, Like many companies, SMSB is closely monitoring the situation around the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). Because our top priority is the health and safety of all SMSB employees and your families, while providing you with the highest level of comfort while you are working through this unsettling time, we continue […]