AI and the Perfect Store

AI and the Perfect Store “Don’t worry that I’m yelling at you, worry when I stop” ~Bobby Knight Bobby Knight known as “The General” was considered one of the greatest basketball coaches in the history of college basketball coaching the Indiana Hoosiers to 3 National Championships and 11 Big Ten Championships.  He was recognized as […]

Store360 – What’s the Perfect Store?

Store 360 – What’s the Perfect Store? Nothing like a good Yogi Berra quote to completely define the hard to define!  Today I’m kicking off the series “Executing Perfection” where I explore the challenges Brands, Retailers, Distributors and Wholesalers are having with store execution today and how technology can meet these challenges.  If a tree […]

AI POG Scorecarding

Photo Finish The world loves racing.  With little effort, it doesn’t take long to come up with 10 different types of racing we enjoy watching.  Auto Racing, Track and Field, Horse Racing and my favorite… Baby racing (saw it during halftime of an NBA game once) to name a few.  When did humans transition from […]

AI Trouble Shooting Solutions

Why do we walk AGAINST traffic? I’m embarrassed to say that I had to look up the answer to this question.  According to Jean Knaack, Executive Director of Road Runners Club of America.  “The reason is simple- you can’t react to something you can’t see”.   Makes sense.  Too much sense.  Feels like a life lesson, […]

AI Driven POG Analysis

Just the Facts “We made the best decision with the data we had the time” Does this quote strike the same nerve or the same PTSD as me? “Why didn’t you get MORE information?“ “Why did we wait so long to make decision? “ “Who told me this customer fully supported our recommendation?!” There are […]

Why is Vitamin Shoppe so Important?

Why is Vitamin Shoppe so Important? Finding the needles (in the proverbial haystack) Those that read my blog “Why is Erewhon so important”, here is another one- Vitamin Shoppe.  That’s right Vitamin Shoppe.  Health and wellness turned from “on trend” to “core belief”.  The next generation of shoppers and consumers have developed a capacity to […]

Why is Erewhon so important?

Why is Erewhon so important? What a show! I’ve been in the CPG industry over 26 years and my first EXPO West leaves me with only an expression of WOW!  The crowds and energy at the show were amazing.  Seems like everyone came out of their cave to tell the world “I’m here” and “What […]

AI-Image Recognition Securing Accountability

The Contract Talk “We have a problem.  I can’t pay you” One of the most uncomfortable conversations to have working with a Retailer is the one where expectations are not met for a promotional program, marketing program, shelving agreement/slotting, Point of Sale placement or new item launch compliance.   The agreement started out with the best […]

Where did we land…

The “RESET” Series Where did we land… “Can SOMEONE PLEEEASE tell me how we did on this year’s planogram?” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked this “simple” question.  Seeing National Account Managers sweat trying to explain the results of their sales efforts from the latest line review.   The goal was clear… gain […]

Needle in the Haystack

Needle in the Haystack “I thought I was onto something.  Then I realized I was probably on something.” Finding that nugget, diamond in the rough, needle in the haystack that delivers the ultimate insight is so gratifying.   So often, however, you realize that your brilliant insight only applies to a limited number of items or […]